Thomas Edison – the man who nearly invented radio
Talk in English by David Crawford
Friday, 22nd July 2022, 7:00 PM
This talk is about Thomas Edison, businessman and inventor, who is best remembered for the phonograph, electric light, electricity generation, and many other inventions. We will look at the events of 1875 when Edison announced the discovery of the “Etheric Force” which, he claimed, would enable communication without wires. The announcement was met at the time with ridicule from the scientific community and it nearly wrecked his career.

Subsequently, of course, radio has played an enormous part in our lives; but others got the credit.

David Crawford is Curator of the Wireless in Wales museum in Denbigh. He is an engineer who worked for many years in the field of broadcasting, for the BBC and other organisations.

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Dewi Sant a Chwedlau Eraill – hen chwedlau anghofiedig
Talk in Welsh by Dr Pat Williams – with optional simultaneous translation
Friday, 12th August 2022, 7:00 PM
This talk will look at old legends about biblical characters and stories of saints which have been preserved in mediaeval manuscripts; but unlike the Mabinogion they have not received the attention which they deserved. In the Scriptures themselves the facts about the biblical characters who are portrayed in these legends are scarce and to satisfy popular curiosity the authors of the Middle Ages set about creating stories about them and their exploits which are as incredible as the adventures of James Bond and Dr Who in our own times.

Dr Pat Williams was a lecturer in the Celtic Studies Department of Liverpool University, then later in the Celtic Studies Department of Manchester University. Her main field of research is the language and literature of the Middle Ages and she has published numerous articles and books about Middle Welsh texts.

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